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Incar PC Wiring & Install

Wiring & Installation:


After you have installed the software (See Software Installation) you are ready for the wiring side
made easier by sketching the install down on paper, planning what components goes where at this
stage makes life alot easier when it comes to making the loom.




Thanks to Cesar for the pic above.


The wiring was the easiest thing for me as its part of my job I measured approx length I needed and made harness to match (see pic) The loom was then protected in a clear sprial wrap this was time consuming to put over the wire due to it's lenght of 5 meters but was worth the effort.


Main Power For Carputer
Power for Lilliput screen from M2 12v
Power for EXT DVD player and USB Hub 5v
Audio and Mic cable
5 meter Active USB cable
Cat5 cable for future switches, LEDs or misc



 The Installation:



The dashboard also allows a 6x9 screen to be fitted and still the vehicle radio system is retained
saving time and money on extra components like digital radio interfaces and amps.


The 407 SW is possible one of the easiest cars to install a car pc into, the rear side compartment has
plenty of space especially when the plastic cd changer tray is removed to mount the main unit,



Just above the main unit I installed the USB wifi adaptor & mobile broadband dongle this fits in a
fantastic space under a dummy speaker cover getting good reception through the rear quarter window.


Once the wiring was made into a loom with the clear sprial wrap this was run from the main unit, down
along the O/S sill panel under the carpet up behind the O/S kick panel, then fed into behind the radio
panel where the new lilliput screen sits.


***I have been asked many times how to remove the factory radio this is realy simple....
On the front of the radio there are two small holes
a thin number 8 torx spline-
driver turn anti-clockwise untill you here the screws clicking then just pull radio out***

The BU-353 GPS receiver was mounter just forward
of the air verts in the top of the dash, there is plenty
of room here and no chance of anything laying on
top and blocking signals.


Next was to install the USB hub and Bluetooth adaptor which hides behind dash then remove glove-
box to fit DVD/Writer (this was velcro'ed inside) and route cables for your power, earth and ignition
live then refit glovebox.

Fitting the Screen


Getting the screen to fit wasn’t bad either considering the amount of work some people have to go through to install their screen a visit to the local Peugeot dealer to order the panel that fits their sat nav model was a bit of a cheat but worth the money but finding the opening was a bit on the small side was a bit of a bummer corrected this with the help of a dremal and plastic welding, also created plastic mounts for the OE screws and clips to hold lilliput screen in place

modedscreen screen-back
screen-modded modedscreenft


( PS Don’t touch back of screen when turned on even if trying to align screen there is high voltage there and burning skin smells HORIBLE ) screen-in-car