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Current project on the go is to connect the Dension Gateway 100 to the computer, this will enable control of centrafuse through the vehicle steering wheel controls. This project also will allow the conection of audio from the computer to the factory radio through the cd changer port controlled by Dension Gateway interface. This will be an ongoing project so any help will be gratefully received...



Inspiration for this project was inspired by this poster on MP3Car:  Click Here


Required item:

1) Gateway 100 from Dension 

Dension Gateway 100 Interface


Dension Gateway 100 enables factory-fitted in-car entertainment systems to connect to, control and play music stored on the Apple iPod. A 3.5mm stereo auxiliary audio input allows connection of an additional external audio source.

Audio sources and music can be selected by browsing the Dension menu that is displayed on the vehicle's dashboard radio display by using the radio controls or steering wheel controls (if available). The Dension menu is accessed by selecting CD changer mode, 'loading' CD6 and then using the next/previous track keys to navigate through and select menu items and music. CD1, CD2 and CD3 change the operating mode of the next/previous track keys to next/previous Playlist/Folder, Artist or Album respectively, to enable rapid music access in addition to the Dension menu.

The Dension interface is connected to the CD changer port of the in-car entertainment system. If the vehicle is equipped with a CD changer, an optional CD Changer Retention module can be installed. This can be selected as an additional audio source by the Dension interface.


2) ipod breakout box from Ridax


iPod Breakout/Extender PCB with 1 soldered connector.

If you want to experiment with the iPod dock connector or just want to extend the connector a couple of centimeters (about 2 inches), then this PCB might be what you are looking for.

You can mount one male connector and/or one female connector on the PCB. On the edges of the PCB all the connector pins are routed for easy access and easy soldering or measuring or for mounting standard pin headers.

If you are mounting just one connector on the PCB, you can use it as a breakout tool to check different signals in the connector. If you mount both a male and female connector on the PCB, you can use the PCB as an extender for the dock connector or to spy on signals between the iPod and a device connected to the dock connector


For this project we asked for the female conector to be fitted instead of the male.


** This is a very good quaility item and very fast service I would recommend to anyone thinking of this type of project** **click picture for web link**



3) TTL to USB interface


The TTL-232R-5V is a USB to Serial (TTL level) converter cable which allows for a simple way to connect
TTL interface devices to USB. This version of FTDI's USB to TTL serial adapter cable has it's I/O pins
configured to operate at 5V levels.

The TTL-232R uses a FT232RQ device which is housed inside the USB 'A' connector, and is terminated at the end of a 1.8 meter cable with a 0.1" pitch header socket which provided access to transmit (Tx),
receive (Rx), RTS#, CTS#, Vcc (5V), and GND.

Pin Out

  1. (Black) GND             **Click Picture for Web link**
  2. (Brown)CTS#
  3. (Red)VCC
  4. (Orange)TXD            **Click Here for Data Sheet**
  5. (Yellow)RXD
  6. (Green)RTS#


4) Girder program from Promixis


Made by Promixis, Girder is the award winning home and industrial automation software that allows users of all skill level
to make advanced scripts and macros to automate many functions both on the
computer and around the house or office.
Based on the Lua scripting language, Girder is a graphical user interface that allows easy access to devices like lights, security

systems, home theater, and any or all PC's functions including full application control for any program.

Lastest Version is 5 you can get a trial download off their website. 

I'm starting with version 3 and the serial plugin




The Start 

Set the serial settings in Girder to the following:

PARITY         = NONE
Data             = 8
Stop Bits       = 1
Handshaking= NONE
Baud Rate    =4800
Com Port      =5 (yours will be different)